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About Wireless Alarm Monitoring

A secure, reliable and robust method for your Alarm System to communicate with a Alarm Monitoring Centre

Advantages of Wireless Alarm

  • No need for a telephone line
  • Nationwide coverage where telephone lines aren't feasible
  • Improved home security removing potential phone line tampering
  • Wireless Transmitter built to military specifications
  • Wireless Transmitter provides a portable Alarm Monitoring solution
  • A Permanent or temporary monitoring solution
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Radionet Monitoring Support and Training Software Radionet Monitoring
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We ensure your alarm can ALWAYS securely communicate reliably by using a military grade engineered transmitter


What is a Wireless Alarm by RadioNet Monitoring?
When you have a traditional monitored home alarm you rely on your analog telephone line to make sure that your alarm monitoring provider knows when your alarm has been triggered, this is a problem because your phone line is unreliable and can be easily tampered with.

Also with the old copper lines being phased out, your alarm will no longer be able to use the phone line to communicate with your alarm monitoring provider but there is a solution

Wireless Alarms by RadioNet Monitoring provide a secure, reliable and robust transmitter that easily connects to your current alarm and gives your alarm the ability to communicate wirelessly over a private nationwide celluar network.

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